All American Junk Removal Rates

All American Junk Removal is a customer oriented company worried not only with providing the fastest and most reliable trash removal service, but the most affordable junk removal service as well. Get our prices by calling us at 1-888-954-5865.

“Curb side” Debris and Junk Removal Rates

Our junk removal rates are based on your specific needs. We have hauling rates for junk that is easily accessed including curb sides, driveways, work sites, and parking lots.

“Take Out” Debris and Junk Removal Rates

We also have rates for jobs that require moving, lifting or carrying anything from inside a home, apartment, condo, backyard, or building. All American Junk Removal Trucks are 17 yards unlike our bigger competitors, and our quotes are based on the amount of load. 1% of Company’s Gross Revenue is donated to America Wounded Vets.