South Florida Residential Junk Removal, Trash Hauling, and storm clean-up


All American Junk Removal was one of the first company,s in southern Florida to hit the road after Hurricane Irma, servicing area’s like Boca Raton, Pompano and Fort Lauderdale with expert cleaning and junk removal. We understand the urgency to prepare your home for storm season. Our expert staff is on call during hurricane season. Prior to any storm we are available to remove debris that may be lying around your property, allowing you to prepare for storm readiness. Our goal is to service our community and keep our families as safe as possible during this season.

     If a storm occurs, our company will be ready with expert man power,  and equipment such as; bobcats, grapple trucks, dumpsters and dump trucks. We will be there to clean up the mess as fast as possible and get our community back on it’s feet. Our company is a family based local company servicing your community for over  10 years. So, when storm watch and warnings occur avoid those companies that  come rushing in from areas unknown. Call your proven local company: All American Junk. Staff on call to make sure we can accommodate as many people before the storm. After the wind stopes and the sun comes out its time to clean the mess up as fast as possible to get on with our regular lives. That’s way All American was one of the First!